Study sync app

  1. Using your browser, Safari or Chrome, navigate to ""
  2. Use the school provided ConnectEd" username and password to login
    1. Example:
      1. JoeCool34 (Most likely "First""Last" and a two digit number)
      2. Hotcandy12 (most likely school password)
  3. Scroll down and Click on "Study Sync" icon
  4. Again Click on the "Study Sync" Icon
  5. At the top right, click on your name
  6. Click on "Profile"
  7. Copy down the 8 digit code beside 'App Key'
  8. Open the study Sync App
  9. Enter that 8 digit code here in the app
  10. Decide on a 4 digit code that you will use to enter the study sync app every time. We recommend that you use the two digits from your school password repeated. For example if your school password is "Hotcandy12" then we recommend "1212" as your study sync code.
  11. Enter that 4 digit code here
  12. Click on your name, enter your 4 digit "study sync" code, and start using the studysync app.
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