Accessing Test Calendars in Outlook Program. 

  1. The test calendars are accessible in the Folder view of Outlook (Only in the desktop application, not on the website). 
    1. In Outlook 2010 (the Outlook Icon will be yellow and file in the upper left are of the application will be orange) folder view is accessible by clicking the folder icon located below the navigation pane (leftmost pane of outlook).
    2. In Outlook 2013 (both the outlook icon and file in the upper left area of the application will be blue) click the ellipses, the three dots, and then select Folders from the context menu.
  2. Once you are in Folder view, look in the navigation pane and below your mail items you should see a heading that says Public Folders -  [your email address].  Expand that heading as well as All Public Folders and Test Calendars items.  You should now see the test calendars for each grade and can view each calendar by selecting it in the navigation pane.

Accessing Test Calendars on website

I find it easier to use in the Outlook Program (see instructions below) However, sometimes it is convenient to get them online. 

The short text version is

  1. Login to
  2. Click on outlook
  3. Right-click on the word ‘folders’
  4. Click ‘add public folder to favorites’
  5. Select the calendar you want to see
  6. Click the star to the left of ‘add to favorites’
  7. Now click the calendar icon and you should see that calendar in your list. 

Accessing Folder view Outlook 2010

Accessing Folder view Outlook 2013



Adding All Calendars or Specific Calendars for Quick Access in Calendar View

You can add the Test Calendar folder to your favorites or specific Calendars by right clicking and selecting Add to Favorites from the context menu that appears.  Doing so causes the calendars to be available when you select calendar view in Outlook.