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  • If it looks like the image on the left-hand side, then the user whose web filter you are currently receiving is listed in the middle of the page (The example in the picture above and to the left is identified as belonging to "student").

  • If you are seeing the "Restricted Site" page that is shown in the image above on the right-hand side, then type


    http://" in the address bar at the top of your web browser and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. After you do that, you should be redirected to the correct "block page" that is shown above on the left-hand side.

    Alternately, you can also go to 

    (note "http://" is no longer supported)

  • Now that you are familiar with the pages above, if you are supposed to have access to a website that you do not currently have access to, go ahead and click on the identification link as shown in the image below.