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Step-by-step guide

  1. go to
      (This is a portal we use to allow you to use your school credentials and to sync your classes with renweb)
  2. Click on "Log Sign in with Active DirectoryMicrosoft"
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  3. type in your school credentials. (email and password)
  4. Here you will see a list of apps that we are working to make available to you. Click on "GradeCam"
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  5. GradeCam loads and shows your assignments. (This may be blank, of course, if it's your first time to login)
  6. click on classes to see a list of your classes.


 Create an Assignment:

Note: Gradecam has a pretty good tutorial here:


  • Get to gradecam as before ( portal, click on gradecam, login)
  • your default page is "Assignments"
  • You should see your new assignment listed at the top
  • Click on your assignment
  • Option 1: Using the camera:

    • I like this option because i can grade in class before the students even leave the room. 
    • To the left you will see the camera of your computer. You may have more than one camera. It is possible to switch cameras by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right of the camera image
    • Hold one of the tests in front of the camera for a second or so, you'll see it find the page and enter in the scan. 
    • Repeat this for all of the tests. 
    • Once your done, click reports at the top right and you can explore the different reports to see which questions were most missed etc. 
  • Option 2: Scanning documents in.

    • Use a scanner (like our Xerox machines) to scan the entire stack of papers into a pdf file.
    • Login to gradecam, click on your assignment.
    • However, this time, instead of holding the papers up to the camera, drag and drop the pdf file onto the blank area in the middle of the page. 
    • Gradecam will now process the entire stack at one time. 







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