This continues our series of interviews and profiles on students and teachers using technology in interesting ways at Parkview Baptist School. Kwon Choi was a member of our class of 2017. Kown was picked becuase of his adaptation of technology to music. 

The Interview:

PBS_Tech:  Other than email how have you used the school’s technology (computer, websites, etc) in your musical education.

Kwon: Parkview tech dept. has been very supportive of helping me with my music. I have been able to take AP music online (which has helped me pass through all the theory's you can pass out of at LSU) I have been able to download a music notation software, Finale® , that enabled me to arrange a full blown concert piece for the Parkview Baptist band. I’ve also been able to look up multitudes of music articles because Parkview trusted me enough to unblock many music websites because they believed in furthering my education for what I wanted to do in college.

PBS_Tech: I was actually there for the performance of that piece. It was very impressive to hear a band perform a piece that one of their members created.

PBS_Tech: Are any of those methods only available on a ‘real computer’? (as opposed to an ipad, android, or other tablet)

Kwon:  Yes and no. They're are apps for Finale® notation software but it is nowhere close to the efficiency that a laptop or computer can bring.

PBS_Tech: Tell me how you composed the music that was performed by the band last spring.

Kwon: After I downloaded Finale®, I simply just used it to electronically write down my musical ideas. A good parallel is a writer using Microsoft word to electronically record their words.

PBS_Tech: How will the technology you’ve already used be a part of your music education?

Kwon: Well, I am very ahead of the bell curve on my knowledge of notation software which is something that every music major is required to learn.

PBS_Tech: What other technology do you expect to use in your chosen degree/career?

Kwon: I expect to use D.A.W's ( digital audio workstation) in the future. A DAW is what allows a musician to record anything they want on the comfort of their own computer.

PBS Tech wishes Kwon the very best in the future and are so glad that he was able to use technology in a useful way while here at Parkview Baptist!

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