We are moving to disable student to student chat. Unfortunately, that also will disable Teacher to Student chat. A replacement for that is to use private channels. 

Some notes:

Here's a quick video showing me creating a private channel for our fake student "testing.testing". "testing" is in my robotics team and I create a private channel for him, send him a message, and he replies. 
(NOTE: there is no audio)

Create the channel

  1. Create a team with the students you need to chat to. (or go to one you've already got setup). 
  2. click the triple dots to the right of the team name, 
  3. click "add channel"
  4. give the channel a name like whatever student name you want. 
  5. click the dropdown under "privacy" and select private. 
  6. click "next" 
  7. find and add the student(s) that you want in the channel  *you can also add multiple teachers. So you could have several flex faculty in the channel if you wanted
  8. click "add" then done

Use the channel as a chat replacement:

  1. go to the team 
  2. click on the channel
  3. click "new conversation"
  4. type you message and hit enter. 
  5. HOWEVER, if you want them to be alerted that you are typing, you can start your message with @ and then start typing their name this will mention them in the comment and alert them that they were mentioned. 
  6. If they @ you, then it will work very much like chat.